Technique and Storage

With us your machine is in good hands

Professional dismantling and storage is important to ensure the value of a dismantled printing press or finishing machine.

We carry out the dismantling of a graphic machine with our technicians upon request or purchase or sale. An inventory of the condition is made before dismantling. The machine is also checked for any damage, such as the cylinders, perfecting, automatic plate feed, etc. The printing machine is then dismantled and professionally packaged for transport. Since our technicians have already been to around 80% of the Swiss printing companies and know the buildings, we can use this many years of experience to guarantee a quick and professional output of your printing press, which also pays off in terms of costs.

We move individual machines or even entire companies. No machine is too big for us.

Our warehouses in Höri, Kloten, Italy and Germany are equipped to handle all types of graphic machines. The combination of the know-how of our team of technicians and the warehouse specially equipped for graphic machines also encourages some new machine manufacturers to temporarily store their systems with us.

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