It doesn't always have to be a new graphic press!

Whether you want to overhaul an existing printing press or are looking for a "new used machine", we are happy to provide you with advice. We offer you all possibilities from cleaned and checked to a complete overhaul. This enables us to fulfill all your wishes.

Smaller revisions are carried out by our technicians on site at your printing plant or at our workshop in Winterthur-Gotzenwil.

In the case of overhauls, the first step is a complete check of the graphic arts machine. Bearings, guides, drives, cylinders, etc. are checked for wear and damage on site, if possible, and measured. Complete overhauls of a used printing press are carried out by us in Italy.

The procedure for purchasing a used offset press with an overhaul can be as follows:

- Advice and assistance in the selection of the machine and proper equipment for financially feasible proposals.

- Identification of the best used machine on the market

- Purchase of the graphic machine with own funds (if not already in stock)

- Transport to the workshop

- Complete disassembly

- Total cleaning and repainting (hand cleaning as before and not with dry ice!)

- feeder head

- Tapes and tape guides on the feeder

- feeder marks

- Devices in the inking unit (such as pistons, bushings, etc.)

- Devices in the dampening unit (such as pistons, bushings, etc.)

- rollers (rilsan, chrome, rubber, satin, oscillating, etc. )

- Printing unit ( grippers, gripper supports, bearings, etc. )

- replacement of plates on transition cylinders and replacement of perfect jackets on impression cylinders

- Finishing and reprinting equipment ( grippers, gripper supports, gears, etc. )

- Washing equipment ( rollers, brushes, pipes etc. )

- Autoplate (bars, pneumatics, clamping rails, wear parts, etc. )

- Coating unit ( anilox roller, pump, etc. )

- Dryer (lamps, housing integrity, etc.)

- Delivery (chains, cams, fans, etc. )

- powder apparatus

- air pumps

- motors

- Cooling unit

- Automatic lubrication system

- Electrical and electronic installation

(revision or replacement of CP2000, revision of Image Control, spectrophotometer, etc. )


Warranty on your graphic machine:

With a refurbished Grafische machine from Bazzell AG, you are granted a warranty on spare parts as well as labor for 6 months at no additional cost! Of course, appropriate training on the new printing press can also be offered at the customer's request.

Talk to us and we will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and the best solution for your print shop.

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